Landscape Architect & Urbanist

With several experiences under his belt, Constant Harbonn now calls himself an urbanist, defining urban strategies to help cities cope with climate change.

About six years ago, Constant started his career as a landscape architect and CSR assistant. He designed and built the ecosystem of a sustainable resort, drafted environmental specifications, and implemented several long-term initiatives with communities and organizations.

Finding his passion for helping the environment through his works, he became an urban planner, assisting a couple of French municipalities with urban renewal projects. These include ecological corridor conception, design of a greenbelt between Bobigny and Aubervilliers, and definition of a financial strategy of an urban renewal operation.

Having succeeded in these projects, Constant was then hired by the Agence Francaise de Developpement as an external consultant. He participated in the study on land tenure and urban development of Mexico City. These studies are public policy analysis, governance and institutional arrangements, and auditing reports on social housing finance.

Pursuing his love for a sustainable environment, he conducted an extensive literature review on the effects of climate change as a policy analyst for OECD-OCDE. He delved into the main challenges facing agglomerations in establishing effective mitigation and adaptation mechanism plans. Thus, supporting the team in identifying key case study cities that are particularly vulnerable to these challenges.

Extensive as his experience - 6 years of sustainable planning in France and Africa - and commendable background in law, economics, and landscape architecture, Constant Harbonn now works as a climate and environment consultant. 

A perfect representative for the brand, Constant’s passion for sustainability and French landscaping and architecture make Villandry Watches both a celebration of his rebirth, and the beauty of French landscape architecture.